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How does a horse horn attach to the horse?

Each horn comes with 2 elastic cords which can be tied onto a horse´s bridle. Depending on your horses bridle, you can tie the cords to the headpiece, browband, or cheekpiece. This method makes the unicorn horn look as if it were real, as no large fabric ties will be visible. 

Some customers have tied the elastic directly around the horse´s head. This is beautiful for realistic photos, but not recommended for horses in motion.

The horn also comes with decorative ribbons which can be wrapped around the bridle, left dangling, or removed. 

Not a horse expert? Don´t worry! Your horn comes with illustrated instructions to attach it to a horse.


What's the difference between a "human horn" and a "horse horn"?

A horse horn has a wide, flared base to keep the horn stable while the horse is moving. It also comes with about 4 times as much elastic as the human horn, and the elastic is thicker.


Are the horns safe?

Yes! Our horns are safe for both horses and children. 

The horn is made of non-toxic plastic and has a rounded tip. (Imagine the rounded end of a paintbrush.) Unicorn Corner horns have been used in photoshoots, birthday parties, and petting zoos for years without incident.

Of course, children should always be supervised around both horses and unicorns.

What size horn do I need for my horse?

The following are recommendations based on our experience, and meant as a guide. Depending on your needs, you may want a larger or smaller horn. 

7 inches: Miniature horses and ponies

9 inches: Horses

12 inches: Large horses/ Draft 

If you are using the horn for a photoshoot, we recommend purchasing "one size up" for a more dramatic effect in photos.

If your horse will be in motion or wearing the horn for a long time, we recommend the 7 inch size.

What size Unicorn Horn Headband should I order?

3 inch: Ideal for children, or adults who prefer a smaller horn. 

5 inch: Perfect for active wear, including dancing, parties, and prancing. The 5 inch horn is our most popular size option.

7 inch: Great for photo shoots or a more dramatic costume look.

Wholesale availability

We offer wholesale discounts for qualified retailers (with retail permit) and small shops. Please email us ( for a PDF catalog and order form.