The World's Best Unicorn Horns

Our best-selling classic unicorn horn for horses is the most realistic on the market. We've been crafting and refining this design for over a decade!  With easy-to-use adjustable straps, our classic horns are perfect for photoshoots, pony parties, parades and more.  We also offer plush unicorn horns with an innovative base to keep soft horns stable. Find the best horn for your equine, and transform your horse into a magical unicorn! 

Unicorn Horns for Horses and Ponies
  • Made in USA

    We design and make everything we sell. Feel good about supporting small business and local artisans!

  • Fast, Free Shipping

    Every order is shipped within 3 days, and standard domestic shipping is free on orders over $35 (Hooray!)

  • 100% Magical

    Our unicorn horns are completely unique. We are proud of our original designs, and know you'll love them, too!