Equestrian Photographer Profile:  Zoé Photography

Equestrian Photographer Profile: Zoé Photography

Zoé is a 20-year-old German photographer and equestrian, with a special affinity for unicorns!  She and her Arabian/Draft crossbreed, Lina, have been training together for more than two years.  When Zoé first found her, Lina was just under 3 years old and completely unbroken.  With Lina her unicorn pony, Zoé was able to fulfill her dream of training a young horse on her own.  She had the opportunity to really put her theoretical equestrian knowledge into practice.  They continue learning together to this day, and their training is based on Philipe Karl’s classical art of riding and horsemanship. 

Zoé has been a fan of equestrian sports all her life, and has been working more intently on her photography for the last 4 years.  For Zoé, photography has opened more doors into the world of equestrian sports.  Zoé’s passion for both horses and photography is apparent in her work, and she is clearly both a talented equestrian and photographer! 

To see more of Zoé’s work and to follow the adventures of Lina the Unicorn, please follow them on Instagram: @dauerfroh10. 
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Long live the unicorns! 

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