Featured Equestrian: Ashley Lewis

Featured Equestrian: Ashley Lewis

Ashley Lewis is a horse owner and Unicorn Corner customer who is a self-proclaimed space cowgirl, combining her love of space rocks and horses. She sells meteorites and owns a 12-year-old Arabian cross named Sonny. They are an amazing team and enjoy spending time together. 

Ashley is a life-long animal lover who began working with horses regularly after she started working on a ranch. This also gave her experience with other large farm animals. Now, she helps provide care to all kinds of animals and even bottle feeds the ones that need it. She also helps train foals and desensitizes them to people and other things they can spook at.

When she is not at the ranch, Ashley is selling meteorites through her online shops. She became a licensed meteorite dealer after her husband introduced her to the industry. He has been selling them for 20 years himself. She uses this career to help fund her horse lifestyle because it is the life she has always wanted. Check out Ashley’s shops here:


 Ashley lives in Tombstone, Arizona and everyone who lives there knows Sonny. The Town Marshal went for his first horseback ride with him and really enjoyed it. She says that Sonny is such a great horse with a loving personality and she is lucky to have him. We loved Ashley’s photo of Sonny as a majestic unicorn!


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