Unicorn Makeup Tutorial

If you've ever wanted to be a unicorn, you've come to the right place.  In this tutorial, the fabulous GlitterBubblegum gives you an easy to follow tutorial on how to create a perfect pastel unicorn look.  She also gives tips for a no-mess glitter hair part, which pairs perfectly with a unicorn horn.  In this video, GlitterBubblegum is wearing a 5 inch lavender unicorn horn, available in our shop.  

Enjoy, all you pastel unicorns!  

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Instagram´s Unicorn Sensation!

Instagram has been given a dose of unicorn magic by @glitterbubblegum_ , a makeup artist and youtuber who specializes in all things colorful and sparkly.  She created a gorgeous pastel look with a Unicorn Corner horn to top it all off.  Keep being fabulous, GlitterBubbleGum, and long live the unicorns!  
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